When It Rains, The Trees Come Into Fruit.

February 13th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Time to report some good news on the private front here in Indigo Firmament land.

I’ve just been hired as the newest bartender at Thatch, one of our local Tiki Bars in Portland. I’ll be making the transition from home hobbyist and academic mixologist to real-world slinger of the Polynesian Pop tipple. This couldn’t have been possible without the huge support of Trader Tiki, Martin Cate, and friends at the Oregon Bartenders Guild. I don’t have a set schedule yet, but I’ll let you all know when I do.

Also, the eternally fabulous Tikimama and I just became the proud new owners of a 1910 Portland 4-square house in North Portland. We currently live out in the boonies (Troutdale), so the new location will save us about 8-10 hours a week on commute time and numerous headaches. Also, perhaps we can get some better attendance at our parties.

Both endeavours have been a long time brewing with large amounts of hard work from both the tikimama and myself. Why bother you with the toil, though, when I can share instead the bounty.

Keep on keepin’ on, dear readers.

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  1. w00t!

    This is excellent news, and I look forward to the result of you being behind the bar there, neighbor!

  2. Brian says:


  3. Mal says:

    I believe a strong Woo Hoo is in order here.

  4. All I can say is congratulations! I’m very happy for you. Just remember, now that you are a pro, each and every party you attend for the REST OF YOUR LIFE will have people expecting you to make drinks and entertain them.

  5. Craig Hermann says:

    Blair: Indeed – North Portland doesn’t know what its in for with the two of us!

    Brian, Mal: Thanks much, friends.

    Lance: Thanks! So every party now will be pretty much what they’ve been for the past few years. 🙂 I’m used to the computer aspect of that: There’s a T-Shirt I love that has on the front “No, I will not fix your computer.” Perhaps we need a shirt that proclaims, “No I will not make you a VodkaCran.”

  6. Heather says:

    Wait, am I the fruit in this metaphor, or the tree?! I guess I get the bounty either way.

    I plan to come to Thatch everyday and order a Jack and Coke. Or maybe a Captain and Coke!

  7. Paul aka Rum Balls says:

    OK, now I REALLY need to get back to Thatch (not that I didn’t have a reason to before…it’s just been a long time). Congrats!

  8. Craig Hermann says:

    I’ll have to do a new follow-up after my first real shift: Micommunication and upset of the satus quo. Basically, I’ve got a lot of hard work and proving myself before I’m trusted for straigh bartending shift. I am a newbie after all! I’m never one to shirk from a challenge or hard work!

  9. Ouroboros says:

    I bartended a party once and every time someone asked for a “vodka-cran” I was all like “you’ve never had a good cosmo have you? neither have I.”

  10. […] noted on Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments, Craig has finished his first shift as the new bartender at Thatch, a local tiki bar, and on a more […]

  11. Craig Hermann says:

    When asked for a VodkaCran, I like to say, “sorry, I only know how to make Cape Codders.”

  12. Lance J. Mayhew says:

    C’mon, I need an update already. I heard a rumor that you’ve already worked at least one shift. I’m dying for updates here.

  13. jigga wa? says:

    I wish you the best of luck. I hope that you don’t mess with the drink menu to soon, (leaving out a dash of gomme). This sort of thing can get a person fired, especially if you serve that drink to some one who knows it all.

  14. Craig Hermann says:

    Ouch! That’s some good advice. Wouldn’t want to make a rookie mistake. Um. I mean a mistake like that as a rookie. Um I mean… Hi! 😉

  15. John says:

    Greetings! Robert mentioned that he’d hired you on. Congrats, Next time you’re there on a friday, I’m sure I’ll get to meet you. Word!

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