“Darker Magic” sketch in the works

March 28th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Here’s a sketch of something I’m working on – I’d love notes, opinions and ideas about it!

1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz coffee syrup
1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice
2 oz Coruba
1 oz 5-star Rhum Barbancourt
dash Herbsaint

Shake with crushed ice and pour into small goblet or large snifter glass. Garnish with lime and pineapple wedge.

It’s dark and mysterious with a hint of bright flavors. That’s the flavor profile I was going for, at least. I am intrigued with how the pineapple’s flavor is modified in the Penang Afrididi (Sippin’ Safari): All the middle round flavours are enhanced. I wanted to meld that middle aspect of the pineapple with the coffee notes of the Mai-Kai’s Dark Magic. Give ‘er a go, see what you think!

4 Responses to ““Darker Magic” sketch in the works”

  1. Dr. Bamboo says:

    Having stumbled haphazardly into a coffee/pineapple/lime/rum combo last MxMo (and liking it), I’m definitely going to try this out. One question though…

    Since I’m more likely to find a popsicle in the Sahara than Coruba in Pennsylvania, is there another brand/type of rum that might be a decent substitute?

  2. Craig Hermann says:

    Hm. Goslings, but it’s a bit more pricey. Maybe a Whaler’s dark? What darks do you have available to you in PA?

  3. Dagreb says:

    I’ll need to try this. Perhaps with Gosling’s and Havana Club…

  4. Colonel Tiki says:

    This was a milepost on the way to the current formation of the Dark Magic, and I wouldn’t suggest it as a ‘finished’ drink.

    Goslings and Havana would be an awesome direction — work on the brightness of the pinapple and the dryness of the havana. A tenebroso* cocktail if you would – deep black darkness with sharp bright notes.


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