Tales of the Blogtail

April 1st, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Tales of the Cocktail BlogI am proud to announce that I’ve been chosen to participate as a contributor at the Blogging tales of the Cocktail: 2008. I am humbled to be in such wise and warm company. Paul Clark is our ringleader and taskmaster. I hope he knows what he’s gotten himself into.

I know it’s early: Tales runs 16-20 July and it is currently April. We’re launching early because we’ll be covering pre-reviews of all the wonderful seminars and topics and events. Oh, Yeah: Tickets are now on sale. Get yours while the getting is good! If you happen to miss out on the actual event, just keep an eye on the RSS feed and let our experienced perceptionists bring Tales of the Cocktail to you.

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  1. Ourorboros says:

    What a great krewe!

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