Flavor profiles: Falernum #4, phase II

April 16th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Finishing the Falernum

After more than three days of infusing the prior ingredients, it was time to strain, press, and complete Falernum #4.

Finishing the Falernum

Falernum #4 ingredients, cont.
3 cups simple syrup
1½ cups fresh lime juice


The sunlight was intoxicatingly shining on these halved limes.

Falernum #4: Cheesecloth Closeup

You can see the spent remains of the macerate.

Squeezing the Cheesecloth

I twist the cheesecloth and squeeze every last tidbit of flavorful liquid.

Falernum #4

After combining the infused rum liquid, lime juice and simple syrup together, I shook to combine. This produced nearly one half gallon of falernum for bottling and storage. It will last me about three months.

To test and toast my newly born falernum #4, I whipped up a Corn ‘n’ Oil.

Corn 'n' Oil Cockspur 12 - Corn 'n' Oil Ingredient Corn 'n' Oil

Corn ‘n’ Oil
3 oz falernum
2 oz Cockspur 12
dash Fees Bros. aromatic bitters

Shake with 5 oz crushed ice and pour into double rocks glass.

happy imbibe,


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  2. Tiare says:

    But its worth all the work and i find the work fun! it looks very nice!

  3. dave kalucy says:

    cheers from barcelona.. i’ve been trying to find this everywhere and had no luck so now its off to the kitchen… we’ll let you know how it goes…

  4. dave kalucy says:

    very very good. you b the best

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