Tiki Kon VI Drink Menu

June 25th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

This Saturday I am hosting Tiki Kon VI, a wild tour of two Portland Tiki bars and two Home Bars of Portland-area denizens.

At Thatch, I’ll be giving a short Tiki Mixology seminar and offering thirteen classic and new Tiki beverages on our menu. This is what is in store for our group of intrepid Tiki Adventurers:

Cobra’s Fang Mai Tai
Cuba Kula Miehana
Darker Magic Navy Grog
Fog Cutter Nui Nui
Happy Hoti Penang Afrididi #1
Jet Pilot QB Cooler
Lei Lani Volcano

The weather should be in the middle 90s and sunny. Our last stop will be a home bar with a pool. I think by that time, I will be just about ready to immediately jump in.

6 Responses to “Tiki Kon VI Drink Menu”

  1. Sylvan says:

    Is this a private deal, or can folks show up somewhere to join in? Specifically, maybe me and my wife.

    Tiki drinks and a pool on a hot, hot Saturday sound pretty good to me.

  2. Sylvan – Yeah, private. Tickets sold out in a day. Are you on the nw territory mailing list? That’s where I sent out the announcement (as well as Tiki Central).

  3. Sylvan says:

    No – I guess I’m just not one of the tiki faithful. A tiki dilettante, if you will.

  4. I put you on the mailing list so you’ll get future announcements/etc…

  5. Sylvan says:

    Thanks. I see this one went BOOM over a month ago. Just a reminder – the nwtiki and tikikon websites still have Tiki Kon V writ large.

  6. […] For those interested parties, Craig has the menu available at this post. […]

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