MxMo October 2008 — Guilty Pleasures

October 13th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

After a month off, I’d best be back to Mixology Monday. The illustrious Stevi over at Two at the Most is October’s host with a most intriguing topic: Guilty Pleasures.

As Heather my wife likes to say, there is no guilt in pleasure. I myself find guilt (and for that matter regret) is a useless emotion. You should learn from your mistakes and not make them in the future, or accept yourself for who you are. However, who you are (no matter how healthfully introspective you are) can be quite embarrassing.

I might be a “Tiki Blogger.” but I really love whiskey. It’s usually Old Crow or Even Williams white label bourbon. But most often It’s the mixed whiskey Seagram puts out under the Seven Crown label. I top it with 7-UP. This is also the first drink I’ll go to when ordering from a bar where lets just say I won’t get something depeche mode.  When I’m at home and I don’t feel getting out a shaker or even a jigger, I make myself a delicious 7 & 7.

MxMo Guilty Pleasures 7&7

~2 oz Seagram’s Seven Crown Whiskey
7-UP to fill

Add whiskey to rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Fill with 7-UP and stir. You’re welcome.

Since I decided to not mess with the 7 & 7, I have another drink that I’ve given a bit of a do-over for this MxMo. While I adore a Mint Julep, there was no bourbon or rye in the first one I fell in love with. I grew up next to Disneyland and sometimes I think I actually grew up in Disneyland. Part of my ritual and routine for every visit was to drink a New Orleans Square Mint Julep and enjoy a tasty fritter. Through the wonders of the internet, I discovered the not-so-secret recipe for these faux mint juleps. I now make ’em slightly modified for an adult beverage, embarrassingly full of sugary Creme de Menthe.

MxMo Guilty Pleasures: New Orleans Square Mint Julep

New Orleans Square Mint Julep
1oz Creme de Menthe
1oz Silver Rum
½oz Lime Juice
½oz Simple Syrup
1 dash Fees Bros Mint Bitters
7-UP to fill

Add all but 7-up to 6oz crushed ice, shake and pour into Collins glass. Top with 7-UP and garnish with lime wheel

Guilt? None of this side of the browser.

5 Responses to “MxMo October 2008 — Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Guilty as charged! But how delicious does this sound? Creme de Menthe, 7-Up, and Mint Bitters? Are you kidding me? This one is definitely reserved for a Saturday afternoon of frivolity. We’re sure we won’t be able to stop at just one. Cheers, Craig!

  2. Doug Winship says:

    Holy Cow! Rum and Creme de Menthe?!?!?!?! In a Mint Julep?
    There will be folks in Knox, KY, as well as Lexington and Louisville, who are gassing up the truck as we speak. I’d lay low for a while….. they will be heavily armed.

  3. Dr. Bamboo says:

    Awesome! I’m ashamed to say I’ve never had a 7&7, but your glowing review and juicy photo will change all that….very soon.

  4. The guilt is over calling it a “Mint Julep.” It is in no way a Mint Julep, other than being purchased under that name from the Mint Julep bar at the back of New Orleans Square next to the train station at Disneyland. Call it a Mickey Mouse Mint Julep.

  5. Ken Cromer says:

    Hey, is this THE Craig Hermann from Western High School? If it is, you and I used to go to Disneyland all the time back in the ’80’s. I just Googled “Craig Hermann” and “Disneyland” and I wound up here. I’m really hoping that this is the right person. I’ve always been wondering what you’ve been doing for the last 18 years. I left my e-mail, and I would love to hear from you!


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