Mixology Monday December 2008 – Spice

December 5th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Greetings everyone! This month’s Mixology Monday is popping up on December 15 – a little more than a week away. Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments has the honors of hosting this merry edition of our monthly fest and I’ve chose the theme to be Spice.

Spice should give you plenty of room to play – from the winter warmers of egg nog, wassail and mulled products to the strange and interesting infusions of pepper, ceubub, grains of paradise, nutmeg — what have you! I would like to stretch the traditional meanings of spice (as the bark, seed, nut or flowering part of a plant used for seasoning) to basically anything used for flavoring that isn’t an herb. Salt? Go for it. Paprika? I’d love to see you try. I hear that cardamom is hot right now.

So have your entries posted by 11:59pm on the night of the 15th and send me your links (and pics if you choose) in email to craig \at\ nwtiki \dot\ com (and/or comment to this post). Time to get crackin’!

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  1. eje says:

    Started a topic over on eGullet:

    MxMo XXXIV–Spice

  2. dmor23 says:

    Does it matter if we combine spices with herbs?
    Cause that’s what’s happening on this side of the fence! 😛

  3. […] at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments, and Craig has chosen Spice as the theme. Craig has his announcement post up, and in it he says: Spice should give you plenty of room to play – from the winter warmers of […]

  4. As long as there is spice in the recipe, suits me fine!

  5. Doug Winship says:

    Not to be a nit picker, but 11:59PM WHERE?
    If I’m late with my post and rush across a few timezones, can I still get it in?

    (Now, what the hell am I gonna do with spice…)

  6. 11:59 PST. I’ll make exceptions for Hawaiians, Alaskans, and Pacific Islanders this side of the international date line.

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  8. […] only does this make a handy gift, it’s just about perfect for the upcoming spice-themed MxMo. Coaxing the flavour from spices into room-temperature liquids can be troublesome, so getting that […]

  9. […] Firmaments); especially since its theme is one that is near and dear to my heart stomach… Spice*. Growing up in the Southwestern US, I learned at an early age to love spicy food — a trait […]

  10. […] Monday this month is being hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments. The theme is simply ’spice’, but as Craig quite rightly states, that could be anything […]

  11. Paul & Steve says:

    Hi Craig. Hope all is well with you and Heather in your neck of the woods. Here is our spice entry.


  12. Frederic says:

    This is Frederic from Cocktail Virgin and here is the link to my entry:

  13. […] Monday is a monthly online drink-related discussion. This month, it’s hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments and the theme is […]

  14. […] This month is hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments, who offers up the theme of Spice. For guidance, he tells us: Spice should give you plenty of room to play – from the winter warmers […]

  15. […] we’ve been playing with. This month’s Mixology Monday is being graciously hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments (thanks!) and – topically, for Christmas – the theme is […]

  16. Jon says:


    I’ve got a post up – great theme. Thanks for hosting!



  17. […] recipe that fits within the monthly theme. This month’s theme is Spice and it is hosted by Craig at Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments. His basic guidelines were as […]

  18. Well this couldn’t be more perfectly timed for me as I have been obsessing about spices in cocktails for the last month. Thanks for hosting!


  19. Hey Craig,

    thanks for hosting, my spice recipe can be foung on http://twurl.cc/9o6

    Enjoy it!

    Bye, Joerg

  20. […] this month’s Mixology Monday the theme is “Spice,” in the announcement Craig’s definition of spice piqued my interest, “Salt? Go […]

  21. Michael says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’ve just posted my post http://myachinghead.net/2008/12/the-batanga/

    Thanks for hosting Craig, as always it’s a great topic.



  22. Christian says:


    it´s Tequila-Time in germany @ my blog
    Merry X-mas ans a happy new year to all MxMo-Bloggers arround the world 🙂

  23. Hello Tiki friends! Felicia has spoken: beets, bubbles and magical spices. Thanks for hosting. My post is at http://feliciaspeakeasy.blogspot.com/2008/12/beets-and-champagne-in-festive-cocktail.html

  24. p.s. i emailed you a photo of the spiced beet cocktail. xo Felicia

  25. Vidiot says:

    Neat theme! I’ve got the Tippecanoe Sparkler up at Cocktailians.

  26. […] I got no time today! I just wanted to throw up this post to remind any stragglers to go to Tiki Drinks and Indigo Firmaments and check for Craig’s roundup of all the best the cocktailosphere has to offer on the use of […]

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  28. Jay Hepburn says:

    My entry is now up. Still Monday here too (just).

  29. Chuck says:

    It’s an original, the Chen-san Cocktail:


    My riff on the theme — Szechuan peppercorns!

  30. Darcy says:

    Ok, here’s my original contribution: Sailors Fire



  31. […] for installment 34, Craig, from Tiki Drinks & Indigo Firmaments has chosen the theme Spice. I’ll let Craig describe what he’s going for: Spice should give you plenty of room to […]

  32. Kate Simon says:

    Great topic, Craig! My creation, The First Lady, a cinnamon-tinged champagne cocktail, is up now at my Tiny Bubbles blog:


  33. Jacob says:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for a challenging topic. Here’s my contribution:

  34. […] blossom into a flute of bubbly, with or without a splash of its syrup. But even before I remembered Craig’s choice for this month’s Mixology Monday theme, I knew that I wanted to avoid fruity […]

  35. Paul says:

    WAIIIIT!!!! I’ve got three minutes to spare!

    Mr. Micawber’s Gin Punch


    Thanks for hosting!

  36. Jac says:

    I guess I should follow protocol, too… Forms must be met. 🙂


    Thanks for hosting, and the cool topic.

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