MxMo September 2009 – Dizzy Dairy

September 28th, 2009 by Colonel Tiki

mxmologoI’m doing a drive-by MxMo this month: Lately my free time has been somewhere between thin on the ground and nearly invisible. This certainly hasn’t stopped my thinking and plotting though.

I just love Black Cardamom – it has the same fabulous pungency mixed with a haunting smoky character that comes from the wood fires used to dry it.

I’ve been hanging on to it for a while and recently put it to good use macerating in blanco tequila. The smoke and camphor suit the agave.

Then the folks at eGullet host this month’s MxMo and the idea came to me: Milk punch using the black cardamom mixed with the flavors of horchata. Rice milk turned to be too thin; Milk likewise.  ½ & ½ was perfect.

So without further ado, I give you “Leche Libre.” Yes, a bit too precious a name but I like it.

Leche Libre

Leche Libre
2oz Black Cardamom macerated Blanco Tequila
3oz ½&½
¾oz cinnamon syrup

shake all but nutmeg with ice and strain into glass coffee mug or brandy snifter filled with ice. Garnish generously with freshly ground nutmeg.

3 Responses to “MxMo September 2009 – Dizzy Dairy”

  1. Tiare says:

    I have never made black cardamom macerated tequila, but it sounds good and the leche Libre looks good too.But what the hell shall i do with something called 1/2&1/2??? its a thickening agent right? can i use plain ole thick cream? we don`t have those weird things here – we`re civilized..(;-))


  2. Colonel Tiki says:


    Half and Half is equal parts milk:cream. So 45ml milk, 45ml thick cream.

  3. Tiare says:

    Mahalo, one more american mystery cleared for me;-) i never really got it, maybe its the name..but half milk, half cream, that`s alright;-)i wonder why we don´t have that here?

    Cheers to you, your beautiful wife and lovely Sebastian!

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