November 4th, 2010 by Colonel Tiki

¾ oz fresh squeezed orange juice1
¾ oz fresh squeezed lime juice
¼ oz vanilla syrup2
¼ oz pimento dram
1½ oz tequila blanco (I used Casa Noble)
dash aromatic bitters
8 drops herbsaint

Mix all with 6oz fine crushed ice in top-down drinks mixer; alternately blend with 6oz regular ice in 5-one second full pulses. Pour into footed goblet or double rocks, garnish with lime wheel.

I created this little number for Thursday Drink Night: Rumless Tiki. The Initial of the name and the straws in the picture (as well as the above recipe) should give away the famous drink on which it is based. Can you guess?


  1. Know your OJ! []
  2. Colonel Tiki uses Trader Tiki Exotic Syrups []

3 Responses to “Vendetta”

  1. Rick says:

    This looks v-tasty – didn’t get to try it that eve and I just happened to receive some 1800 Blanco in the mail. Did you just use Ango?

  2. Tiare says:

    That drink looks tasty! i have to say that too;-)

  3. Colonel Tiki says:

    Rick: Yeah, Ango all the way. Bitter truth aromatic or Fee’s whiskey-barrel aged, or other classic aromatic-type bitters will work. The blanco can take an impressive amount of spice to balance!

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