MxMo LXIV : Tiki

February 20th, 2012 by Colonel Tiki

Is it Mixology Monday already again? I know it’s grapefruit season again. It’s a great beautiful season too. Here’s a little something tiki via Brazil: The Rio Tonga. Yes, the celery bitters are important.

Rio Tonga
1½ oz white grapefruit juice
½ oz unsweetened pineapple juice
¾ oz Allspice-Cinnamon-Vanilla infused rich simple1
1½ oz cachaça (I used Novo Fogo)
2 dashes angostura bitters
1 dash celery bitters
4 drops Herbsaint

Mix with 6 oz crushed ice in a top-down drinks mixer and pour into footed hurricane. Garnish lime twist.



  1. I use vanilla sugar with cracked allspice berries and shredded ceylon cinnamon. You can have just as good by using ½oz B.G.Reynolds Cinnamon Syrup and ¼ oz B.G.Reynolds Don’s Spices #2. []

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  1. […] one of those silverback cocktail bloggers I alluded to at the start of all this. He presents the Rio Tonga, an amazing amalgamation of spices, cachaça, bitters, and just enough fruit. The dim, mysterious […]

  2. Dagreb says:

    So, Evil Craig, Fees or Bitter Truth?

  3. Colonel Tiki says:

    I use Bitter Truth celery bitters. I have not tried the fees, so cannot comment.

  4. Tony Harion says:

    hey Craig!

    This one sounds absolutely delicious!
    I can totally see grapefruit + cachaça and the celery doing wonders!
    I’m gonna give it a try soon, just hope pink grapefruit will works too.

  5. Colonel Tiki says:

    I think the pink will work with this well, as would an aged cachaça… Hmmmm

  6. Julie says:

    The combination of celery bitters and and grapefruit juice has me intrigued. Definitely looking forward to trying this – thanks for sharing!

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