The Colonel Himself

October 23rd, 2007 by Colonel Tiki

craig at Mai KaiCraig Hermann is an IT professional by day and Bartender by night in Portland, Oregon. He is the IT director and a member of the Oregon Bartender’s Guild, a member of the United States Bartenders Guild and a founding member of the Cocktails & Spirits Online Writer’s Group. He has been involved in the re-emerging scene of Polynesian Pop and Tiki since 1999. He is a also founding member of NorthWest Tiki, LLC — an organization to support and spread Polynesian Pop enthusiasm throughout the Pacific NorthWest. NWTiki produces and organizes TIKI KON, a yearly convention in celebration of all things Tiki. While not working on enterprise transit networks, he mixes drinks at Thatch Tiki Bar, takes pretty pictures, writes and does graphic and web design.

Colonel Tiki’s Drinks serves as a clearing house for drink recipes, liquor reviews, Polynesian Pop discussions, chest thumping and proclamations.