Tiki Kon VI Drink Menu

June 25th, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

This Saturday I am hosting Tiki Kon VI, a wild tour of two Portland Tiki bars and two Home Bars of Portland-area denizens.

At Thatch, I’ll be giving a short Tiki Mixology seminar and offering thirteen classic and new Tiki beverages on our menu. This is what is in store for our group of intrepid Tiki Adventurers:

Cobra’s Fang Mai Tai
Cuba Kula Miehana
Darker Magic Navy Grog
Fog Cutter Nui Nui
Happy Hoti Penang Afrididi #1
Jet Pilot QB Cooler
Lei Lani Volcano

The weather should be in the middle 90s and sunny. Our last stop will be a home bar with a pool. I think by that time, I will be just about ready to immediately jump in.

Slip casting

July 20th, 2007 by Colonel Tiki

Hey folks! No time today for much text, so here are more photos of the slip casting process:

pulltiki2007 009
Georgie’s Slip, ready to become Tiki mugs

pulltiki2007 016
Pouring the slip into the bucket

pulltiki2007 024
The interior of the plaster mold

pulltiki2007 034
Moving slip from bucket to pitcher for pouring

pulltiki2007 050
Pouring slip

pulltiki2007 053
Slow going pour

pulltiki2007 040
Drying slip

pulltiki2007 044
Starting to pour out the non-dried slip

pulltiki2007 046
Slip dripping upside down

pulltiki2007 104
Right side up, sprue has been scored to aid in drying

pulltiki2007 059
Starting to pull of top after slip drying process

pulltiki2007 061
Top is off!

pulltiki2007 063
Drying after top removed

pulltiki2007 067
Removing from mold the wrong way (turn mold upside down and have gravity help you)

pulltiki2007 073
Out of the mold

pulltiki2007 080
Craig cleaning

pulltiki2007 085
Heather cleaning

pulltiki2007 087
More Heather cleaning

pulltiki2007 084
Hello, gorgeous!

Mugs Drying
Drying on the rack

pulltiki2007 092
Drying on the rack 2

See you in the funny papers!

The Bad News

July 16th, 2007 by Colonel Tiki

Our Tiki Mug ceramicist had to cancel. We won’t have our full mug production for the crawl. We will have a limited run we’re doing ourselves, though. We’re still getting the full run done for the mugs; We’ll sell them through the store as the 2nd run. Time to make lemonade.  Rum Demon whom I randomly ran into in Vegas already had agreed to help me with the molds, so we’re going to do as many as we can ourselves.

Now, for a Plan B lemonade experience, hand-producing a limited edition of mugs with a brilliant artist ain’t particulary shabby.