I’m Alive!

January 22nd, 2008 by Colonel Tiki

Well, that was an adventure! I still live!

About two weeks ago I went to Seattle with Tikimama. It was her semesterly residence at U-Dub and my excuse to go to Zig Zag. We’d been to Seattle for the Jet City Junket II in December of last year, but I was thwarted at any chance of getting some time at Zig Zag, so I jumped on this opportunity.

The next few entries will be about that wonderful trip – I hit up Zig Zag a few times, was blown away at Vessel, had a great time at Sun Liquor and was pampered at Licorous. It was outstanding, and I paid for it:

When I got home I was hit with the worst flu in nearly a decade. I lost nearly a week’s time in delirium, completely sleeping through Mixology Monday. I’m still coughing and weak. I did manage to spread the love with my friends and family, though. You’re Welcome.

What has kept me in spirits, so to speak? My current regular from Jeff Berry’s Sippin’ Safari: Three Dots and a Dash. You do have Sippin’ Safari, right? P1010019

Three Dots and a Dash (…- V)

½ ounce fresh lime juice
½ ounce fresh orange juice
½ ounce honey mix
1½ ounces amber Martinique rum
½ ounce demerara rum
¼ ounce falernum
¼ ounce pimento dram
6 ounces crushed ice

P1010030This morse-code lovely is credited to Donn at the Las Vegas Beachcomber restaurant during WWII (V for victory). I assemble this fellow following my new method picked up from the Navy Grog. I add all ingredients to a mixing pitcher and stir to combine. I crush the ice finely, add to the glass and pour the mixture in. I hand-swizzle and aerate the drink with a bar spoon until the glass frosts and add the garnish.

Moving up in favor as a regular is the Honi Honi. Remind me to wax rhapsodical about that in a future post, won’t you? These libations have kept me human in my few weeks of viral stupor. I suppose I could have counted on a Corpse Reviver (#2) to pop me on my feet, but even I can’t be that clever-clever. I’m glad to be back and 200 proof.


9 Responses to “I’m Alive!”

  1. Tikimama says:

    Excuse me, but that’s THE U-Dub. It’s such an important school it needs an article. That’s my story when the student loans come due.

  2. Dr. Bamboo says:

    Nice! By the way, where’d you get those neato glasses?

  3. Craig Hermann says:

    Aren’t they fun? Tikimama found them at Goodwill (on separate occasions). She has the goodwill-fu: I’d be jealous if I didn’t also get to share in the spoils. Here are some artsy-fartsy close-ups she took (note the frost).




  4. caoilin says:

    Hey Cute! Glad you’re better!

    Pardon the non-mixologist’s ignorance, but what’s “honey mix”?

  5. Craig Hermann says:

    Au contraire, Caoilin! I adore questions 🙂

    Honey Mix is equal parts Honey (orange blossom, but clover works) and water. Heat to combine and keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. It’s much easier to quickly mix than honey in a drink (which requires either sticky fingers or heating to properly mix). It does add some water content to the total volume, so you need 2x the amount for the same flavor profile.

    And thanks for the well-wishes. Miss you!

  6. Glad to see you are back up on your feet. The glasses are a great find and the cocktail looks delicious as well.

  7. Sylvan says:

    More questions – Portland and/or Oregon specific. What non-151 demerara (Guyana) and Martinique rums are available in the Portland metro area? Which liquor store? Did you get yours locally, or elsewhere? Thanks.

  8. Craig Hermann says:

    I use Lemon Hart 80 for regular mixing demerara. I’ve yet to find it any any liquor store. You can get it special ordered, but you may likely have to pay for an entire case at a time. I plan to do just this when I have the funds. I’ve picking up a few bottles when I visit Seattle to tide me over.

    Martiniques – You can usually find the Saint James Amber at places with a decent stock. The one out in Gresham on burnside has it. I’ll bet 23rd/uptown, the Pearl store, and 12th/Hawthorne carry it. I’ve sometimes seen the extra old.

    I just keep my eyes open and buy what/when I can. If I’m pressed, I’ll order off the internet, but the shipping is usually prohibitive unless I’m doing a large order.

    Looks like Depaz Rhum is also on the OLCC special order list – so somewhere might have that…

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