Thursday Drink Night – LIVE!

February 2nd, 2009 by Colonel Tiki


What’s that you say? You don’t know what Thursday Drink Night is? Well, click yourself over to The Scofflaw’s Den to catch a video which will explain it all to you.

Don’t want to bother with nifty videos? OK. TDN is a mixoloseum event where a healthy group of us online cocktail types get together at the Mixoloseum Bar chatroom and mix drinks on the spot, based on a theme. We have a mighty good time and produce a good amount of fabulous cocktail recipes.

This Coming Thursday, February 5th will be a special LIVE TDN hosted in yours truly’s Basement Tiki bar, The Monkey Hut in Exile. We’ll have a live webcam feed for you to cast your peepers on and we’ll have special guest stars showing up. The theme this week is Benedictine / B&B.

So, get your shakers, mixers, and B&B ready. Tune your browsers this Thursday to the Mixoloseum Chat Room and here to The Monkey Hut in Exile LIVE to catch all the fun. Too hard to get the recipes as they go by in the chatroom? Follow the TDN twitter and you’ll have the info at your fingertips! See you this Thursday!

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  1. […] TDN. THIS week’s special feature will be a LIVE! broadcast of the goings-on at the Monkey Hut where Craig, Blair, Rick, and special guest star Jeffrey Morgenthaler will be mixing and waxing […]

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